January 4, 2017

Freebie! Printable January 2017 Calendar

I jumped on the bullet journaling bandwagon last month and surprisingly I liked it! I have quite a few weekly/monthly notepads and notebooks (probably too many) and I always seem to fall off in less than a month. However, bullet journaling worked well for me for December and I really enjoyed how flexible (and fun) it was to create and update. I didn’t feel obligated to fill in pages or guilty that I wasted a pretty spread since it’s all written in my chicken scratch anyway.

Okay, this post wasn’t meant to be about bullet journaling, but it led me to this! I decided to create this fun calendar as a free printable for anyone who might find it helpful to keep them organized (whether or not you bullet journal). Seemed like a good idea with the new year and I’m hoping to create them for the rest of the year if people use them, so let me know or tag me if you use it!

Download PDF: January 2017 Calendar

The Details

The design is letter size (8.5 x 11″), so you can print this out on plain printer paper or you can size it down to fit inside your notebook/journal! Pictured above I scaled mine down to 60% (you can do this in your print settings) to fit inside my bullet journal or you can also easily hang it up at its full size with washi tape. Tada!

Download PDF: January 2017 Calendar