January 30, 2017

End of Month Recap: January

I managed to keep succulents we planted during the holidays (and one air plant) alive. Had a few close calls, but they haven’t died and that’s all I can ask for! These were initially in terrariums, but they weren’t getting the water and drainage they needed to survive, so I repotted them. Hopefully it’s not too late!

I’m also halfway through this book, “Eating Animals,” that I received from my sis for Christmas. It’s been a difficult and informational read. Difficult, not because it’s a bad book, but because the more I read it the more I realize how twisted the food industry has become. I am a meat eater, so I’m not attempting to turn people vegetarian/vegan (though I’ve cut off beef for about half a year now) but this book has definitely made me more conscious of what I put into my mouth. Growing up in a Chinese household food is such a huge part of my culture it seems almost impossible to give up meat without feeling like I’m giving up tradition that’s been instilled in me since I was born. However, also being an American and knowing that these are not the same food conditions my parents grew up with does shift my perspective. I personally suggest reading Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Polan if you haven’t dived into reading about the food industry before and want to get started, however, the two books are on opposite playing fields.

I guess this wasn’t so much a “recap” of the entire month as I hoped. My mind has been all over the place since this weekend with what’s happening around the world (hell, it’s been all over the place for the past couple months). I’m sure I’m not the only one. I can’t seem to articulate my thoughts into writing. Even so, I wanted to make a point to create an end of the month post regardless, so hopefully this counts. I’ve attempted to write something for the past week and failed to do so (along with writing a post once a week as part of my 52 week challenges), but I’m moving on! There is next month, and I’m grateful for that.